Traditional Specialty

Traditional products in lithographed wooden case.

Almond and Honey Soft Bar
Code: ONZ-160310 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 24
Almond and Honey Brittle Bar
Code: ONZ-170310 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 20
Milk Chocolate Almond Bar
Code: ONZ-230313 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 24
Almond and Cinnamon Soft Bar
Code: ONZ-270310 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 24
Almond and Toasted Yolk Bar
Code: ONZ-190310 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 24
Almond and Glazed Fruit Bar
Code: ONZ-220310 Weight: 300 g Units/Box: 24
Artisan Brittle Rounds Assortment
Code: ONZ-395600 Weight: 600 g Units/Box: 10
Almond & Honey Soft Rounds
Code: ONZ-390400 Weight: 400 g Units/Box: 12

CodeProductWeightQualityBrandEAN CodeUnits/Box
ONZ-160310Almond & Honey Soft Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502831001624
ONZ-170310Almond & Honey Brittle Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502832001520
ONZ-230313Milk Chocolate Almond Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502837001024
ONZ-270310Almond & Cinnamon Soft Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502831201024
ONZ-190310Almond & Toasted Yolk Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502833001424
ONZ-220310Almond & Glazed Fruit Bar300 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502836001124
ONZ-391600Almond & Honey Brittle Rounds600 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502813906810
ONZ-393600Dark Chocolate Brittle Rounds600 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502812306710
ONZ-392600Almond & Caramel Brittle Rounds600 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502811806310
ONZ-395600Artisan Brittle Rounds Assortment600 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502814906710
ONZ-390400Almond & Honey Soft Rounds400 gSupremeOnza de Oro842502839001812